A Barbershopper’s Christmas Miracle

In the middle of the night early in the fall; the idea came that we needed to do something positive for a world that had had an overload of negativity for far too long and that our Christmas program could be a gift to the community. The decision was made that we would make a commitment of $1000 of our treasury, we would solicit donations, would have a free-will offering at the program and that any money we brought in plus our $1000 would go to two food banks in the area to reach out to those who are struggling especially in this season. We decided to invite nursing homes with vans to bring some of their clientele; we would sing some barbershop arrangements of Christmas songs, the audience would be given the opportunity to sing along on other familiar Christmas carols. By having the program early in the season, the funds could be distributed in plenty of time and to have a matinee so people might be more likely to come out. The program took place Saturday December 3 and went extremely well. Over 100 people attended and it seemed like everyone wanted to celebrate the peace of the season without any of the negative undercurrent that has been in place everywhere we turn for the past months and months. There was $466 in the donation baskets at the performance, Donations received in advance total $310 combined with the barbershop commitment of $1000 gives a total of $1776. An anonymous offer is in place to match our gift so our total outreach to two food banks will be $3552 which will go a long ways to feed some hungry people.

Four nursing homes brought some of their clientele who immensely enjoyed singing along with Christmas carols, and it seemed like no one wanted to leave afterwards. I was deeply moved as the barbershoppers stood spaced through the church sanctuary leading the sing-along portion of Christmas carols as it felt all the anger, hatred, filth, obscenity that has been bombarding us from every direction had been left outside and people wanted and needed to celebrate the reason for the season. An audience member shared his feelings when he said; “I had trouble singing on the audience sing-a-long portions of Christmas carols as I was moved to tears of how much they mean to me”. Truly, a miracle took place. Everyone involved worked very hard and I realized the power of the phrase; ‘it is more blessed to give than to receive’. A number of years ago, Peter, Paul and Mary sang a song; “Music speaks louder than words” and thanks to all I got to be part of proving that once again.


Check out some photos of the event here.

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